Where is Ezra landing next?

When it comes to Polo, Calcutta Polo Club is the name that everyone raises a toast to. The modern version of the game has its origin in India, precisely in Calcutta. Two British soldiers, Robert Stewart and Joe Shearer, saw some locals in Manipur at the Eastern part of India playing a game called ‘Sagol Kangjei’ with small ponies & the rest is history. Both officers were so captivated by the experience that they quickly introduced the game to their peers, and then was established the “Calcutta Polo Club” in the year 1861-62.Thereafter the club created an organized format of the game and set “The first rule book for Modern Polo” . The name ‘Polo’ also was coined here for the first time by one of the gentlemen playing one fine sunny day at our majestic polo grounds.

Polo is known to be the oldest team sport and Ezra Cup is the first ever polo trophy in the world introduced to the world by world’s oldest polo club, the Calcutta Polo Club. The cup derives its name from David Elias Ezra who had legendary contributions in the initial days of modern Polo to make it popular in the British Calcutta. The first Ezra cup was played in 1880 and 2017 marks the 135th year of the cup. Calcutta Polo Club in its 155th year has rejuvenated the historical tournament & decided to take the celebrated cup for a global tour. This undoubtedly is one great step to the glorious polo days!

Calcutta Polo Club being the oldest polo club of the world, chose the second oldest club to play the first host of the Ezra Global Tour in 2017. Two local teams of Singapore took part in the Ezra Cup on 2nd April, 2017 in Singapore Polo Club ground. It was a fine game of polo with both teams playing their game quiet convincingly that the score couldn’t be decided till the final bell.

Ezra Cup Tournament, Singapore
Ezra Cup Tournament, Singapore

Calcutta Polo Club is dedicated to supply new lifeline to the world of polo in every possible way. The first chapter of Ezra Global Tour was a huge success in Singapore. And now, Calcutta Polo Club has already started planning for the next chapter of Ezra Global Tour. All the polo lovers are eager to know where Ezra is landing next. CPC is also excited to inform you about the next chapter of Ezra Global Tour of 2018. So gear up guys, little more wait for a few more days… We will be back to you soon with our next Ezra planning.

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