Festivity & Fitness : A Ride in Autumn

The festive season is here again. The city of joy is getting decked up for its biggest festival of the year. Kolkata is all set up for the Durga Puja, 2017. Almost a month of holiday season begins from Mahalaya to Diwali. It is that time of the year when you let yourself free from all the worries and prepare for some hectic holidays full of activities.

Holidays give chances to learn something new. So let’s try riding this time. And Calcutta Polo Club is here to explain why nothing but riding this time and why CPC should be your destination for that.

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  • The sun is bright but the days are not humid anymore. After a sticky summer and a rainy monsoon, comes a beautiful refreshing autumn for comfortable horse riding.
  • Mystic Autumn has always been a favourite time for the riders. A few days break from the routine life and you are taking a ride with a dazzling cityscape in the backdrop with the sun kissing your hair, and Calcutta Polo Club is certainly the best place to cherish this.
  • The horses also love these clear sunny days. They are at their best mood in this season. This is the perfect time to get acquainted with the horses in no time.
  • Riding is a fun exercise. You don’t do much. You just learn how to balance, the right posture and the right rhythm; your horsey will take care of the rest.
  • At Calcutta Polo Club, you get a 30minutes slot per day for riding and that is equal to 4 hours sweaty gym session. Oh yes, you have read it right!
  • Riding is often considered to be a perfect way to jazz up the mood. The sense of companionship that you are not running alone enhances the energy level.
  • With riding Calcutta Polo Club offers archery and boxing under one umbrella. So choose whatever you want to learn and just go for it.

The city dwellers enjoy roaming around the city this time. Riding at Calcutta Polo Club in the early autumn mornings can be a great start to their city tour. Start your morning at CPC, continue your day with breakfast at Deckar’s Lane or Flury’s, go for the last time shopping at Esplanade… tell us, can you resist? So, this is the high time to learn riding when you can enjoy the most at the oldest polo club in the world. So gear up guys and join us for your Puja holidays.



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