Why Horse Riding: Five Reasons

Why do people learn riding? Most of them are keen to ride either for the love for animals or for the royal feel that they want to cherish. There are very few who actually take up riding as an exercise. People hardly realize the health benefits of horse riding. Festive season is ongoing. Wedding season is nearby Calcutta Polo Club is here to share the five benefits of horse riding just when you must go for it.

learning the act of balance at cpc!
  1. Balance: While you are on saddle, and you speed up your horsey it is important to balance to match up the speed. It seems pretty easy when the horse is just walking around. But once the speed is increased, it becomes tougher to manage on the saddle. And that’s when you learn to balance on an uneven surface. You develop a sense of balance and coordination during riding.
  2. Full Body exercise: Riding the horse needs providing signal to the horse by particular body movements and coordination. These movements make your abs, legs, inner thighs, upper body work together. Body muscles are also used riding especially the lower portion of the body i.e the abdominal, the legs and the back muscles. Riding, lifting saddles, mucking stalls help you to gain physical strength. Riding also offers cardio benefits.
  3. Good shape: Whether you want to develop muscles or lose fat, riding is the answer for you. Researchers suggest going for riding for at least thrice a week to maintain good shape. Increasing riding speed helps in burning calories depending on your body weight. On the other hand, the more you speed up, the more your muscles become strengthened.
  4. Internal system: Riding the horse stimulates the internal organs. It helps in the internal digestive system. And horse riding is suitable for all ages. So even if you are above 50, it doesn’t really matter for riding. Moreover, it improves your inner strength, digestive system, metabolism and blood circulation.
  5. Time-saving: A thirty minute’s riding session is equal to four hours exercise in a gym. For a specific muscle build-up, you need one particular exercise. But in case of horse riding, you just enjoy your riding. That will be enough for everything else you need for a good body.

riding at Calcutta Polo Club is fun!

So basically horse riding is that one dream exercise you must opt for a healthy body & good shape. Don’t wait anymore! Get ready for a perfect, fit and fatless body. Come, join us. Calcutta Polo Club is here to fulfil your dream in no time.


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