Straight From The Stable

Their mornings start at 4am daily. They don’t take break till 9 in the evening. They don’t have Puja vacations. They don’t celebrate Christmas. They don’t wait for Eid. They ensure good health of the horses & safe rides for the visitors. They are the Calcutta Polo Club stable staffs.

The combination of dynamic leaders and devoted assistants (syce) are the reason of satisfaction for our riders. CPC stable team consists of a stable manager cum polo coach, a riding coach and seven assistants (syce).

Asgar Khan (Calcutta Polo Club riding coach), 61st Cavalty member (Indian Army) has joined Calcutta Polo Club eight months ago as the stable coach. From the very first day he has taken the utmost care of the horses and become a friend. He is literally sharing his life with horses for last 40years. He has been with the horses of different countries like India, Saudi Arab, Japan and England. And now he is back to his root with his expertise and skills for the Calcutta Polo Club stable. He fixes the diet, decides medicines and instructs the assistants. The coach leads and guides the team because he understands the horses the most.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-12 at 02.02.19

stable manager

Beside a riding coach, CPC has one stable manager who takes care of the administration. Satyendranath Pradhan has been associated with Calcutta Polo Club for around 15years. He started his career in Calcutta Polo Club. This makes him the most familiar face for the horses and hence, special. He takes care of the entire management and maintenance of the stable. Ask him anything about the stable; he is ready with the correct answer. The stable is most definitely the second home for Mr. Pradhan.

Calcutta Polo Club stable team is a blend of experience and young blood and our group of assistants is a proof to that.

team of syce

Our team consists of members having experience for over 20years of experience in horse riding. Starting career at very early age they are never tired of their job. Horses have become their priority and habit.

These experienced staffs are well assisted by youthful, fervent boys from different parts of the country. Most of these young fellows have just started their career at Calcutta Polo Club. Their job include feeding the horses, giving them massage, taking for bath, assisting the coaches, helping the riders, cleaning stable, and most importantly understanding the horses.

Our stable members are the confidants of our horses and vice versa. Those eyes shine a bit more while talking about the club and the horses. They don’t feel homesick. And the reciprocation of love by the horses, those warm hugs, complete surrender, trust and companionship of the horses probably drive the team for this tireless job.

Calcutta Polo Club is forever thankful to the stable team because it is their skills & efforts that make CPC the best riding & polo place.


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