Members and Memories (1)

Hussain Khaki, a doctor from England having his root in Gujrat comes back to his ancestral land just to learn riding. His love for horses made him think about riding. He immediately took decision and came to India to the Calcutta Polo Club as “this is the oldest polo club in the world!”

While sharing experience, Hussain remembers how riding has made him disciplined as he had to come regularly at 5.30am in the morning for his riding and polo class. “The coaches are brilliant and the stable staff are very nice. Also, the horses are very well trained compared to the other stables I have visited. They are very responsive. Pooja is my favorite horsey.”


“I am going to miss this place very much. These smiling faces in the morning are really refreshing.” He is planning to buy a horse in England to continue his passion for riding.

Jeenal Kapoor is a seven years old kid who made her mother follow her footsteps in riding. “Jeenal is very affectionate about animals. So we thought of giving it a try and came for a trial. She loved it!”, Sheetal Kapoor remembers. Sheetal (Jeenal’s mother) eventually joined Calcutta Polo Club after getting influenced by her daughter and the facilities at the club.

jeenal sheetal

Riding has made Sheetal confident. According to her, sitting on the back of a horse actually gives a sense of confidence and independence. “It feels great to come here. We love the club. Each day you get to learn something new which is amazing.”  Jeenal is in the second standard and always enthusiastic and curious for the classes. She is never tired and always ready for the session. This attitude of the daughter seems to have inspired her mother as she had never dreamt of riding otherwise. Alex is jeena’ls favorite horsey whereas her mother is in love with everything of the club, “Kudos to the efforts that the team of Calcutta Polo Club puts in for making it a joyful learning experience for us!”

One thing can be seen common in all our members, their strong fondness for the horses and the club. Gratitude!! Thank you so much – the club is happy to serve you all.

Come experience the birthplace of modern polo.

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