“Let others play at other things. The king of games is still the game of kings.”

Polo is known to be one of the oldest sports in the world. The most unique part of polo is that it is played along with your pony. And this certainly gives the game a majestic touch. Calcutta Polo Club is the birthplace of modern polo and the first rule book for modern polo was written in CPC.

According to the modern rules, Polo is a team game consisted of four players. The understandings with team members and with the pony are quite crucial when it comes to Polo. Four players are assigned four different positions. Each player has a significant role in the game supporting the team effort on both offence and defense. The objective of the game is for a team to score the most goals. You score a point when you score a goal.



Position 1: This is basically a role of an attacking player. This player is is the scorer of the team. He scores goals and also, neutralizes opposition’s ‘position 4’ player.

Position 2 : This player gives back up to the position 1. His role is to get hold of the ball and pass it onto the team mates.

Position 3 : This is dedicated to the best player of the team. This is mainly an attacking position assigned to the powerful hitter of the team. He is the tactical leader who also maintains defense.

Position 4 : This primary defense  player of the team plays from this position and prevents opponent team from scoring.

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  • Chukka is basic period of play. Each Polo match consists of 4 chukkas each one lasting 7 and a half minutes long.
  • In ‘the line of the ball’ the ‘line’ determines the strict rules about how players can approach and attack the ball and each other.
  • The game is started with a throw-in between the line up teams by the umpires (officials in polo).
  • Offended team is awarded with a penalty shot
  • A ride -off is used to break the opponent’s concentration
  • Polo stick is called Mallet
  • In hook the mallet is used to block or interfere with another player’s swing at the ball.
  • Handicap is the comparative rating of polo players awarded by the polo association. This signifies player’s value to the team.
  • The referee, known as the third man is off-field and has the final word in the case of a dispute between the two mounted umpires.

To play the game of kings efficiently you must join Calcutta Polo Club. You can’t really get to know better from anywhere else rather than where it all started. Isn’t it?


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