Time for A Royalty Check


Few things have been considered as the symbols of royalty since ages. Be it a zamindar from an Indian village or a prince of a British countryside; everyone has something in common that make them majestic and regal. Owning a horse is definitely one of those major royal personas, a king inherits from his ancestor.  To own a horse is like owning a companion for the lifetime- a companion who will never ditch you.


Who doesn’t know the stories of Chetak or Jordan’s Arab horses? From wandering around to fighting on a battlefield- a horse never leaves its owner. Gone are the days with descending kingdoms and lost emperors. But the charm of horses is still the same. A girl still loves to take a ride on horse cart while her prince charming takes the control of the horse. A ride on a horseback with a green backdrop while the breeze touching the curls… won’t you feel on the top of the world?

This magnificent feeling can be yours forever if you own a horse. Yes… You read it right because owning a kingdom is not the only criteria to own a horse. In fact, just having the royal attitude will do the bit. You don’t need to own a stable or personally hire staff for this. You can find a good ranch to keep your horse safely under experts and protected environment. So, it is really not a difficult task. All you have to do is to spend time with your buddy whenever you can. Gift yourself the best thing ever.


Horses need royal treatment. The long mane needs to be combed properly. The tail should carry the grace while moving. That glowing skin needs a good cleaning. Those observant soft eyes need rest. So come to the best place to ensure extra care for your horsey. Come to Calcutta Polo Club. Our experienced team is the best option to keep your horse with.  Get ready to enjoy the fame, be the talk of the town in no time. Take your lady for a ride or ask your friends to join- Own a horse and start writing your own royal stories with élan. Join an adventurous never-ending ride. Be the hero of a romantic saga and cherish forever.

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