The legendary Gayatri Devi, the princess of Cooch Behar, fell in love with her future husband Sawai Man Singh at this polo ground. Calcutta Polo Club is now 156 years and is the oldest polo club in the world still in existence.

Two British soldiers, Robert Stewart and Joe Shearer, saw a game called sagol kangjei played by locals on horses in Manipur. Impressed by this game, the soldiers introduced it to their peers in Kolkata and in 1862, the Calcutta Polo Club was founded with the subsequent creation of a new format.

After years of neglect the Calcutta Polo Club was put in cold storage by the army in 1998. Through a resolution the season was revived in 2006, at the initiative of Keshav Bangur, CPC’s current president. “Our vision is to keep the heritage of Calcutta Polo Club alive and encourage youngsters and Polo enthusiasts to take up the sport by making it more accessible” Said the President.

Calcutta is also home to the oldest polo ground in the world still in use—Pat Williamson, most suited for the Ezra Cup- also the oldest polo trophy in the world.

Ezra Cup, the first ever polo trophy in the world, is named after David Elias Ezra, a leading Jewish business tycoon in Calcutta who patronized the sport in the city. The first Ezra Cup was held in 1880.

When the trophy turned 135, the club announced its first Ezra Season outside of Calcutta. We decided to take the trophy, to top 5 Polo Centres at different segments of the globe. This will give each segment an opportunity to come watch and be a part of the polo legend.

Post the successful launch of Ezra Global Tour in Singapore 2017, Calcutta Polo Club is all set to begin the third chapter of Ezra.


Ezra 2019

Since the idea is to allow this journey to reach out to polo enthusiasts and patrons, this time in 2019 the Ezra traveled to Dubai (UAE). Calcutta Polo Club has joined hands with Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Dubai to make this tournament come live.

The Ezra traveled to the most popular city of United Arab Emirates (UAE).  For the first chapter we landed at Singapore, the second chapter unwrapped at the U.K., and now the polo fraternity around the globe had their eye on the third chapter of Ezra Global Tour.

The tournament ran from 22nd feb to 9th of March, 2019 with top 5 teams competing for the EZRA cup. Pink Panthers, Sunford Rhinos, Bin Drai Kuwait, Bangesh Gander and Desert Palm into a historic match.

The exciting tournament continued with total of 5 matches of 2×2 chakkas including the most awaited finals that was between the two standing teams – Sunford Rhino Polo Team v/s Kuwait Bin Drai Polo Team. After an amazing match the Kuwait Bin Drai Polo Team claimed a wonderful victory by 6-3 1/2 recreating the polo history and flaunting the First ever Polo cup (EZRA cup) in 2019.

Calcutta Polo Club signs off the Ezra Global Tour, 2019 with promise to make larger in the coming years and keep the heritage alive.

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