Polo in calcutta from how to now !

The ancient sport which was something like polo was 1st played by the king’s guards and elite troops in Islamic Republic of Iran, with records dating all the method back to sixth century before Christ. Modern-day polo although, was rediscovered in manipur, India.

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Babur, Mughal Emperor, have all have some history of being seen on horse with a stick and ball. At that time, the game was known as “Sagol Kangjei”. During the late 1850s, manipur players got the British troopers hooked on the sport.

Joe Sherer and robert Stewart, 2 British soldiers, got smitten with “Sagol Kangjei” in the late 1850s. They were so fascinated that they made the horse and stick game into an official sport.

In 1861, they gathered groups of 4 and made the Calcutta Polo Club, the first official polo club with an formatted rulebook for modern polo.

Though In the late Nineties, the Calcutta Polo Club toughened many challenges. The sport of polo in Calcutta virtually was dormant. And the club dint have many supporters.

Mr Keshav Bangur, the club’s president (and passionate businessman), was enthusiastic about the history of polo and horses. He got back the glory to the Calcutta Polo Club by subsidizing young players and coaching them. Gave a facelift to the club by adding horses and a proper facility to ride and play.

With his support the city enjoyed various tournaments – the largest of it all being the 150th celebration. With 5 international teams playing for the oldest polo trophy Ezra.

The club is now thriving and is the most significant polo destination in the world.

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